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◆ CEF highlights the common development concept. It operates on the principles of "wide consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits"; matches resources to the developmental needs of Eurasian countries, actively implements its social responsibility; aspires to become a development equity investor in the region.
◆ CEF advocates professionalism and commercial sustainability; pledges to the security of funds and reasonable returns; commits to value investment as a financial investor; achieves common value growth in conjunction with its portfolio companies.
◆ CEF actively explores new investment modes by leveraging policy, financial and trade instruments to tailor regional situations; promotes healthy and sustainable development for companies by replenishing capital base, optimizing financial structure, expanding financing channels, improving corporate governance and extending value chain across borders.
◆ CEF seeks to strengthen partnerships with international peers; actively engages with international financial institutions and regional institutional investors and works together with its institutional partners to boost the implementation of deal.

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